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China's sex doll experience hall is popular all over the country

China's sex doll experience hall is popular all over the country


Article structure

1. New projects are popular in China.
2. Who are the guests of the sex doll experience hall?
3. Is the sex doll experience hall legal?
4. How to solve the hygiene problem?
5. Suggestions about this industry

In the past year, there has been a particularly popular project in China, the sex doll experience hall.
"Beauty silicone dolls, TPE dolls,...just like real people, with voices, and a variety of face shapes for you to choose..." This is a soliciting advertisement posted by Chen Bing on WeChat Moments on August 26. He works in this adult experience hall. , Will officially open in Beijing in two days.
Dress up silicone dolls as real people and then provide sexual services to customers. This kind of business is called "adult experience hall" in the industry. It first appeared in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and gradually appeared in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. Hidden corners, waiting for someone to patronize, each time the price ranges from 30$-150$.
In the experience hall, gorgeously dressed silicone dolls "sit up" in each room. The size is no different from a real person, and the touch is also flexible.
Their biggest feature is that they look like real people, with beautiful figures and faces. But they are at the mercy of others. With different lighting arrangements, there is an ambiguous mood. Maybe you will be curious, what kind of people will patronize?

Who are the guests of the experience hall?
Zhao Lin, an owner of an experience hall in Guangxi, said that the guests are mainly migrant workers. They left their homes to make a living on the construction site. Some of them are married, but the husband and wife are separated from each other; some of them are not married, and their sexual depression cannot be released. He said, “When I was working outside in 2013, I found that many migrant workers left their hometowns and went to find women after earning a little money. Some people were deceived, some got venereal diseases, and their families were also affected. These things made me uncomfortable.” He opened the shop the reason. And the performance of the guests confirmed his thoughts. According to his observations, some migrant workers were sneaky when they came. But when I left, I was very relaxed, and I didn't forget to thank Zhao Lin. What is even more exaggerated is that when they went for disinfection, they found that some of the dolls were damaged, or even broken hands and feet. Sexual repression for a long time leads to violence. But from another perspective, if there were no silicone dolls, they would have committed such violence to people. Therefore, some people think this is a "business opportunity". Some people think this is a service. Others think it is a kind of salvation-reducing the rate of sexual crimes.
His guests have common problems: low income and no time to fall in love. After using it, some customers gratefully said to him, "You are the savior of our single men."
Li Ya, 24, spends every day in the department store. In the eyes of his family, he works hard and is a motivated child. Actually? He felt that he was an emotional loser: he was frequently rejected by the girls around him, and he didn't know how to maintain an intimate relationship. This is his unknown side. So he came to the "Sex Doll Experience Hall" to solve his sexual anxiety. But when he used it for the first time, the doll's device malfunctioned and could not make any sound. This makes him feel irritable and disappointed. It turned out that he wanted to find the feeling of a real person in the doll, instead of the hopelessness of emotional life in the real world.

The 28-year-old Xiao Wang works in the factory and is always alone. He has no friends and no girlfriends. The women in the factory are either married, or there are many suitors, so they can't get her turn. Loneliness and sexual depression almost crushed him. One day, he really couldn't stand it anymore, so he wandered around and happened to see the "experience hall" and walked in without much hesitation.
Zhou Fan, 29, lives in the factory and his friends are single men. Although he is not young anymore, when he talks to a young woman, his mind goes blank and he doesn't know how to speak. He fantasizes all-day, almost crazy, as long as he has a wife, he can do anything.
It turns out that sexual deprivation is severe to a certain degree, comparable to poisoning, and an antidote is urgently needed. The Adult Experience Hall gave them another possibility. Some people will dress very ceremonially before coming to the experience hall as if they are preparing for a long-awaited date. Someone ended the day's fatigue and ran to the experience hall to be satisfied. "This is the most fun thing I have ever played." After some play, they sighed sincerely, "What if there is no sex doll?" For these people, sex dolls have become a special existence. Provide physical comfort, relieve the pressure of not being understood, and satisfy sexual fantasies that have never been experienced.
Open a sex doll experience hall, and you can recover the cost in one month.
"You can make money back in one month," said Li Jin, the operator of the sex doll experience hall. He has joined the industry for two months and has opened three stores in Nanning. Li Jin said that to rent a three-bedroom apartment in a residential area, the monthly rent is between 450$ and 650$, and the cost of buying silicone dolls is 2500$-3500$. Generally equipped with 3 to 4 dolls, the total cost is about 10,000$. When the business is good, there are 15 or 6 customers every day. If one customer consumes 40$, you can earn 600$ a day. When the business is not good There is also an income of 200$, so the invested funds can be recovered in one month.

Is it legal?
The legality of the sex doll experience hall has always attracted attention because it provided sexual services. Many people associate it with prostitution, which is illegal in China.
Xu Guimin, an associate professor at the Law School of Zhengzhou University, said that according to Chinese law, prostitution and whoring emphasizes that it is a natural person with a living body, which must occur between two people. Silicone dolls are toys and are not natural persons in the legal sense. This charge will be dealt with. Yang Liang, a lawyer at Beijing Dacheng (Shenzhen) Law Firm, believes that as a new thing, it remains to be seen whether the business scope of the adult experience hall can be approved by the industrial and commercial department. There is indeed no clear prohibition law to regulate its behavior.
An official from the Longhua Supervision Bureau of the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration stated that sex doll shops provide silicone dolls for guests to experience, "it can only be said to be a business model, and no laws and regulations explicitly prohibit this. Just experiencing the product. , no problem."
Therefore, in China, prostitution is illegal, but it is legal to use sex dolls to solve the physical needs of customers.

Health hazards
For ordinary consumers, hygiene and experience are what they care more about.
A user left a message saying that he had been to the experience, and the experience store provided condoms, but the quality of the condoms was not good and they were not completely covered. Finally, the condom was still stuck in the vagina.
Wu Yan, chief physician of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology, Beijing Ditan Hospital, Capital Medical University, told reporters that from a hygiene perspective, the silicone doll must be fully disinfected before the experience to ensure local cleanliness. At the same time, apply lubricant as much as possible, because the material of the condom is rubber. If the lubrication is not sufficient, the silicone of the silicone doll is more likely to cause damage to the rubber condom. Not only is it easy to get sick, but it is also easy to cause semen or prostatic fluid to remain, which is needed for later cleaning. Bring difficulties.
"Silicone dolls are made in simulation, there will be some wrinkles in the cavity, which is very laborious to clean. Maybe the previous customer used it and the merchant did not really clean it in place, so it will be provided to the next customer to experience, which will cause cross-infection. Indirectly cause sexually transmitted diseases. From the perspective of health, the silicone doll experience hall does have some risks." Wu Yan pointed out.
So how are these adult experience halls cleaned and disinfected?
According to the experience store merchants, after the customer's experience is over, they will take out the sex organs of the silicone dolls, then wash them with Fuyanjie, disinfectant, etc., then wring them with a sponge, and finally put them in a disinfection cabinet for storage. To ensure hygiene, most sex doll experience halls implement "one customer, one disinfection", and the bedsheets and pillows are changed a day. Although silicone dolls are shared, they will give two condoms, so you can feel at ease.
"As long as hygiene is guaranteed and the experience is good, many single men around me can accept it." A man with experience intentions said that his original intention to go to the adult experience hall was simple, that is, to solve physical needs.

My point of view:
The existence and experience of adult experience halls belong to the category of private life, and the regulatory authorities should modestly manage them, rather than simply stifling them in the beginning. Many young people are not married when they reach the legal marriage age due to financial reasons. There are also groups of migrant workers who are married but do not live with their spouses. What should they do if they have sexual needs? This is a problem that society needs to face directly. "
According to the "Statistical Bulletin of China's National Economic and Social Development in 2019" published by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, as of the end of 2019, my country's total population has reached 1.4 billion, of which 30.49 million men are more than women. Previously, demographers predicted that by 2020, at least 30 million single men in China will not be able to marry a wife.
The emergence of adult experience halls can eliminate sexual anxiety to a certain extent, reduce unwanted pregnancy, avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and even alleviate social problems such as non-marital sex, but the premise is to do good health protection, maintain privacy, and operate the venue. Stay away from specific areas, not to damage the rights of others, and be accepted voluntarily. You know, silicone doll experience is only an auxiliary means to solve physiological needs, and cannot be the only or main interpersonal sex lifestyle.
Sexual needs are the rigid needs of human society. Regardless of gender and age, a reasonable release of sexual needs is beneficial to physical and mental health. The silicone doll sharing experience hall can meet people's sexual needs to some extent.


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