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Why choose Us ? 5 reasons to make the right choice!

Why choose us? 5 reasons to make the right choice!

1. More experience: Because we have more than 15 years of experience in this industry. We design and produce dolls. From the inflatable dolls at the beginning to silicone dolls, to TPE materials, our products have been progressing, becoming more and more like real people, with better touch, a better body, and appearance. It used to be a simple solution to the user's physical needs, but now the dolls designed and produced can also meet the users' psychological needs. They regard the dolls as their family members, girlfriends, and wives. All this makes us feel more fulfilled.

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2. Lower price: We are a manufacturer and have cost advantages. We are naturally willing to give more affordable prices to users who like our products. Our products all have anti-counterfeiting certificates. We once again condemn the manufacturers who fraudulently use our pictures to defraud consumers. They use our exquisite pictures and "ultra-low prices" far below the cost to deceive consumers, but consumers receive inferior quality dolls after payment. This is a crime and hurts the entire industry. For this reason, we have sued several doll sellers on AliExpress and Amazon. People who like dolls must not be deceived. Low price means low quality.

(Our Factory)
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(Sue factories that steal our images and sell fake goods to customers, most of whom are at Amazon and Aliexpress)

3. More dolls: In addition to our own products, we want to become the world's largest doll purchasing platform. For this reason, we also cooperate with doll manufacturers of other brands to distribute other brand dolls. People who love dolls can buy TPE, Silicone, Teen, Asia style, and other types of dolls on our website We also give the largest profit to customers, and the price given to users is basically the cheapest price you can see on the Internet. If you see a lower price, it is most likely a fake. Our purpose in doing this is to allow more people to have their first high-quality dolls so that the industry can develop better.
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(Part of the partners)

4. Better service: We are on duty 24 hours a day, answering users' questions at any time. Our products will be produced in strict accordance with the requirements of customers while using private delivery methods. In addition to product prices, we will not charge any other fees, logistics fees, customs clearance fees, taxes, etc., are borne by us.

5. More secure: We use Paypal, credit card payment, if you are not satisfied with the goods received, you can file an appeal at any time. We can also handle it for you. For problems caused by our reasons, we will give a refund and return service.

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6. Faster speed: We will arrange production within 24 hours of receiving the order, and after the production is completed within 72 hours, the delivery will be arranged, and the time to you will be controlled within 2 weeks. Now due to COVID-19, our delivery speed has not changed, but the logistics speed has been slightly affected, and the goods will definitely be received within 3 weeks.

Choose us, you will enjoy the real fun of dolls.

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Why choose us? 5 reasons to make the right choice!

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