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The development history of sex dolls II: Did Hitler invent the sex doll?No!

Did Hitler invent the sex doll? No! Bellmer is the true father of sex dolls!

In the last chapter, we said that Kokoschka's dolls have given inspiration and inspiration to many people, including the father of modern sex dolls-German surrealist Hans Bellmer
Who invented the sex doll? Bellmer is the true father of sex dolls! 
Bellmer began to think about his niece after his wife became weaker and weaker due to tuberculosis, but he understood that he could not have a physical relationship with his niece Ursula, but he was inspired by Kokoschka to realize this dream. Start creating your own doll. With the support of his mother, he and his brother Fritz and Lotpinzer created his first doll in 1933.
Who invented the sex doll? Bellmer is the true father of sex dolls! 
The main body of this doll is made of a broomstick and part of a metal rod and is covered with a wooden shell. The difference from the past is that the doll is hollow inside. To further express his secret desires, Bell disassembled the doll, rearranged its parts, posing a series of suggestive poses to represent his fantasy, and he also took many photos of it.
In 1934, Ursula took these photos to Paris and showed them to the surrealist pio-neers of the time. We don’t know if Ursula understands that Bellmer made this doll because she was fascinated with her, and we don’t know if anything else happened after this family. What we know is that when Ursula returned from Paris in 1935, Bellmer had already made the second doll.
The second doll was improved based on the first doll. The new doll has movable joints and twistable hips. Bellmer said, "This body is also more erotic." Surrealists claim that Bellmer’s doll image is used as a metaphor for attacks on the rigid patriarchy of the Nazi country.
But what most people see is weird.
Who invented the sex doll? Bellmer is the true father of sex dolls! 
"Bellmer broke his doll and rearranged the characters in a fetish and erotic manner, thus alleviating his fear of castration and expressing his creativity."
In 1937, he created a third doll, but this time it was even more weird and terrifying. It looked a bit creepy, and most people should not have much sexual interest.
Who invented the sex doll? Bellmer is the true father of sex dolls! 
After the doll was reduced to a tool for expressing various ideas in the hands of surrealists, the development route of the doll completely deviated in their hands, and its true practical value was ignored. After transforming the cute dolls, the distortions used to achieve special political purposes should be resisted and strongly criticized.
However, after the start of World War II, after the Axis and Allies entered into global wars, men had left their homes for a long time, and the pressure of war caused them to be too indulgent in their sex lives. Unfortunately, many soldiers became infected. Venereal disease. To improve combat effectiveness and reduce the risks in this regard, Hitler ordered Heinrich Himmler to research a series of clean dolls and establish a doll studio on the front lines of the war to reduce the risk of soldiers contracting venereal diseases through regular disinfection.
The German SS charged on the front line, and the logistics unit followed the army with trucks full of dolls. After ambushing the logistics unit, the Allies harvested a large number of dolls. It's ridiculous to think about this scene.
This doll project is centered on the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden. It was supervised by Franz Tschakert, a well-known technician and synthetic material expert at the time. It was initially supervised by Dr. Joachim Mrurgowsky of the SS, and later by another Danish named Olen Hannussen. The research team also included a psychiatrist, Dr. Rudolf Chagheimer, and an art student and sculptor named Arthur Link. The study period is from June 1940 to January 1942.
Rudolf Chagheimer suggested that sex dolls must be realistic enough to keep soldiers away from prostitutes who are afflicted with venereal diseases. And these dolls must also be the image of Aryans with blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. However, when choosing the face of the doll, the researchers had disagreements. Some suggested that a beautiful actress should be used as a model for the model, but some people suggested using a completely virtualized face.
Who invented the sex doll? Bellmer is the true father of sex dolls! 
After the disagreement, the researchers simply made ten faces and asked the soldiers to express their reactions. After the selection was completed, in September 1941, the first complete Nazi doll was born and submitted to Himmler. It is said that he was very impressed when he saw it and ordered 50 dolls on the spot.
Since then, the use of sex dolls to solve the physical problems of soldiers in Nazi troops has been known all over the world, and there have been many imitators.
But then due to the excessive expenditure of the war, the research funds for the dolls were cut. The molds and all the design documents of these dolls were stored in the German Health Museum. Unfortunately, these dolls were all in the Allied air raid in 1942. Was destroyed.
Germany’s contribution to the development of dolls has been destroyed, but Japan, also an Axis country, has contributed immensely to the development of dolls.
Japan adopted a comfort woman strategy during World War II and did not consider the option of sex dolls like Germany did.
However, the Japanese have a long-standing interest in dolls, and their puppet doll manufacturing technology is relatively advanced. The Japanese are also very interested in sex dolls, and sometimes they refer to these dolls as "Dutch wives."
The term "Dutch wife" originated in the 17th century, when merchant ships carried some leather dolls with them to meet the sexual needs of the crew. The Japanese also learned this skill by trading with the Dutch East India Company.
Who invented the sex doll? Bellmer is the true father of sex dolls!
After the Second World War, many people fled from the destroyed cities of old Europe to the new world, especially the United States, which quickly became the dominant capitalist global political force.
Due to the general need to rebuild cities and infrastructure, most regions began to prosper again in the 1950s through post-war restoration. Moreover, the destruction of the old forces and the annihilation of old ideas led to the rapid development of new ideas, including the idea of ​​sexual freedom and openness.
At this time, society is prospering and people have more leisure time, but while material wealth is abundant, the spiritual world is becoming more and more empty, and many people feel lonely. At this time erotic movies began to appear and develop, and people's concept of sex became more and more open. At this time, many businesses realized the huge business opportunity of selling sex dolls to men.
At this time, rubber and plastic are very cheap, and science and technology have also developed tremendously, and the accumulation of technology to make a perfect sex doll has been completed.
More and more beautiful dolls were born, and many kind-hearted men opened the doors of their houses and began to take in these dolls selflessly, and gave them love and warmth.
The world that has experienced cold wars is beginning to warm up again.
In the next chapter, Pablo will tell you how the sex doll developed into the modern era.

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